The Castle shoot – preview

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A single image from this same shoot (interim model/the engine Room) – in the afternoon we went to this nice little castle up the hills in Ronse. We could freely use the exterior and surroundings of the castle. A great new location. judge for  yourself:

Image taken with Rolleiflex 75 mm Tessar f3.5, on Kodak Tmax400


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Interim model – Eline at the storage room.

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A good week ago I had a cancelled photo shoot appointment. So I had a free moment for photography and no model. A quick call on facebook soon resulted in an interested replacement model. In her introduction message on FB she said. ” … and I’m not shy” as a reply to my call that ended with the words “Don’t be shy”. That was the day before the shoot.

Eline never posed before, and although not shy, a bit nervous anyway. We have worked over several locations, of which the old storage room was the first. A very dark environment, with a lot of dust and dirt, but Eline didn’t matter and went for it all the way.

Thank you Eline, for being my interim model for a day, you did very well.

All images: Canon 5D mark II, with Sigma 50 mm f1.4 DG Art.

ludwigdesmet_CD-5345 ludwigdesmet_CD-5348

ludwigdesmet_CD-5337 ludwigdesmet_CD-5202 ludwigdesmet_CD-5239


To be continued …

ps. in a reaction, Eline wrote me:

I can’t express enough my appreciation for your work. I have absolutely no regrets in being your ‘interim model’. Your approach is unbelievably professional and you know how to cover up my physical flaws by guiding me into the right poses. …


Cirrus – Pauline

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I would call it a perfect day.
Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect model.
A first single image of this shoot with Pauline. Pauline had been my first model in the series ‘at the Mansion’ shoots, about 2 and a half year ago. Shortly after that shoot she suffered severe injuries from a traffic accident. But she’s back, and she loved being in front of the camera again.
Congratulations to you Pauline, for your courage, your perseverance and your hard work, for getting back your life, I think you came out stronger.

Cirrus, named after the clouds, that so nicely accompanied this shoot.


Canon 5D II with Canon 17-40 mm f4.0, 1/125s at f 11, ISO 100.
come again soon for more images of this wonderful day.

Location: SONS

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very short notice, but not too late. Tomorrow evening I will be giving a live presentation about my beauty shoots.
How do I do things, which gear do I use, preparations, locations, models, the shoot, development etc.
Tomorrow night, in Ronse, Belgium. Just be there, or you’ll have missed it. 😉

Presentatie Ronse uitnodiging

Shoot preparation – shoot with Kim part I

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I have been asked about shoot preparation, one night when I gave a lecture about my ‘natural beauty’ shoots to a local photo club in Ghent.
Actually I am not the person that will make a lot of preparations before a photo shoot. Some of the things I do prepare however:
1. Of course I get my gear ready, which means I will check my batteries, my camera’s, the memory cards (at least one per camera). I gather extra’s I might need (tripod, monopod, reflecting panel – Trigrip by Lastolite and the tripod stand to hold it –
2. I do quite some communication about the content of the shoot with my model. For a paying shoot, it is up to the model of course to decide what she wants, but most often I will discuss on some moodboards I have prepared before. These moodboards are variations of beauty theme I mostly work on, and are clearly distinct in the way they portray the feminine subject, from fully clothed towards mild nudity or plain provocative. I think it is really important that both model and photographer have a good understanding of what the shoot will be about before having your appointment.
3. I do check on the location at least one day before the shoot. Is everything ok, is it available, is it safe, can we heat it, … (I have some alternatives in case something shouldn’t work out
4. I have some boards on Pinterest where I gather some extra images as inspiration for the shoot: I might take a look at them the day before the shoot.
5. I prepare some things for the well-being of my model: A warm blanket, some fruit, a snack, something to drink (no alcohol) might be a hot soup or something similar, or a juice, soda, etc.
6. That’s probably it, for 95% of the shoots.

At the moment of the shoot:
I re-discuss clothing, style, nudity, timing, … at the moment of the shoot. I do not want discussions afterwards about these things, so I always have a contract that clearly states the content of the shoot as well as the rights to the images.
We take a look at the clothing sets the model brought with her. Women are famous for packing an immense amount of clothing into a small case. 😉
I have the model change clothes, whilst I check on the location again. I have some Ideas in my mind from the Pinterest moodboards, and i decide on a location that might suit that idea, together with the clothing we picked out for the first part of the shoot.
I let things happen. I will discuss in a further post about creating natural poses a bit more.
Hope this all makes sense. 😉

Some images with Kim, she never posed before, but I had a hard time believing that. She did wonderful.


all the best, see you soon,


Sara at The Mansion

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Hello there,

Another shoot at The Mansion to show.

Sara seemed a bit stressed when she arrived. She has some experience with shoots, but my kind of shoots is a bit different than others, because:

1. I work alone (no assistants, no make up artists)

2. In a strange environment (no studio setup but an empty house)

3. They get to me for a rather intimate kind of shoot (they all respond to a moodboard where some nudity and a lot of sensuality is shown.

Nevertheless, we got a good shoot, Sara got cold in the end, and thats visible in the goosebumps appearing on her arms and legs. Luckily she didn’t get a cold afterwards.

As usual, we worked throughout the  entire house, ground level, first level and the attic. On the attic, the plastering from the ceiling has been knocked off, and now the wind is blowing freely under the roof. For some pictures I installed an off camera flash to lighten up a bit the entire scene, because circumstances were really not good (too little light) and I got too many risk for unsharp images.

good viewing! All images can be enlarged by clicking them.



charlemagne-art-Sara-2117 charlemagne-art-Sara-2151 charlemagne-art-Sara-2170 charlemagne-art-Sara-2199 charlemagne-art-Sara-2240 charlemagne-art-Sara-2259 charlemagne-art-Sara-2268 charlemagne-art-Sara-2274 charlemagne-art-Sara-2280 charlemagne-art-Sara-2333 charlemagne-art-Sara-2371 charlemagne-art-Sara-2410