Message to my wordpress-followers


dear wordpress reader followers of this blog.

this page is about to come to an end …

… I have been able to link my email followers to the new host, but apparently WordPress is not enabling a transfer list for wordpress followers. WordPress followers have a wordpress ID and are not subscribed by email. They get a WordPress reader message.

I do have your wordpress ID, your names but I cannot transfer them to my newly hosted blog on my own domain.

This means that as soon as I quit this WordPress hosted domain, you would no longer be messaged of my new posts on  , that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

May I kindly ask you to renew your subscription on my new site, to make sure you do not miss any of my updates on my blog. I think this still can be done trough your WordPress ID, and it certainly can be done trough the email subscription. I prefer email, so I can send you exhibit invitations or other important messages personally.

This can best be done at the bottom of any page, under the + sign.

Thank you for following me, please do not hesitate to comment/discuss/interact with the new blog.

best regards,


ludwig desmet


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