Guest speaker at VISO

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Viso is a secondary grade (12-18y.) school in Ghent, with degrees in media, multi-media, graphic design, photography etc. …
I have been asked to give two short demo/workshop sessions in portrait photography, to pupils who have no photography in their portfolio.
First I try to explain the simple principles of shutter speed, aperture and ISO, the advantages of a Reflex camera vs. a cell phone, the importance of making a back-up of your images etc.

(Thank you to Veerle for the behind the scenes images)

After a short theoretical introduction we have about an hour left for some practical exercises. With a very limited setup, I show these boys and girls the importance of good, soft light, the oh so often forgotten need of interaction with your subject, and some simple tips and tricks on posing, framing and finally how I post-process the images. All this in a two hour session, so a very very condensed package. I work with volunteers (sometimes I point them out to gain some time) at the model side and at the photographer side, and give advice on how to improve the images as they work.



At the end I take some additional pictures for the models brave enough to pose in front of their classmates (not an easy task in front of a group of 40).
I had asked for some continue lamps (simply big hot bulbs) and two styrofoam boards from the schools studios. (the photography classes in VISO are given in the same studio’s as the studio’s we use at KISP evening classes, so I know fairly well what’s available 😉 ) Same styrofoam boards I use at home as reflecting panels.
One lamp is aiming at a first styrofoam board, away from the model, so we get some nice big bounced light surface. (left in the BTS images) another lamp is used to give a hair light. Pretty rude setup, I know, but a very good and simple setup for a demo. I have the impression most of the students have had a good time, I hope some of them actually will start looking at photography a little differently.

Some results from during the session:

Maya montage

sofie montage

thanks for reading!


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