Portfolio Studio Setup: Golden

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Another week, another studio setup.
(I skipped one last week, school holidays 😉 )

Second shoot with the same person, a lot opener and easier than the first one. Rightfully people are a little uneasy when posing nude for the first time, but after a while, they get used to the idea, things go smooth and easy and I manage to make them feel comfortable during the shoot. So this model decided to come a second time, asking specifically for more open poses. We made some nice images, she was stunned about how her body looks on the pictures.

This is one of the more ‘incognito’ ones.

Ludwig Desmet -Studio-6365

About the setup,
As I don’t have really large softboxes, I often use my styrofoam boards as a reflection panel to create a larger light source than my softboxes. (60x60cm square or 100 cm round) With the styrofoam you get a surface of about 1×2 meter, but not as even as a softbox, so there still is some glowing point on the styrofoam, softly spreading out. So at the left of my model, I have a studioflash with reflector, pointing backwards in the infinite emptyness of the studio, but bounced back on a large styrofoam board. (about 1.50 meters from the model) At the right side, I have a softbox 60×60 cm square (2x2ft) but aimed away from the model, towards another styrofoam panel. It gives a little bit of direct light (highlights on the skin of the bum and lower legs), but mainly indirect soft bounced light. I’m not really sure anymore but I think this one is at 1/3 of the power of the main light.

Portfolio studio setup6

the gold color cast on the models skin has been added in post processing, by shifting the white balance.

See you soon,


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