Portfolio Studio Setup – Tattoo Girl

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One of the biggest surprises in my portfolio shoots was this woman who I didn’t know. One of my fellow students pointed her out as being a possible candidate for a nude studio session and we made contact. I had not seen her before but we had several contacts trough facebook. When she showed up and undressed for the studio session, I first saw her huge tattoo, from up on the left shoulder, reaching down to the right side of the bum. Impressive, so no doubt we had to do something with it. We tried several poses, I liked this one the best. The model is kneeling down on a small bench, square to the camera and half stretched up body, supported by the hands on the same bench. This gave a really nice opening between the body and the arms, and a triangular body shape.
Taken with Canon EF85 mm f1.8 at f13, 1/125th of a second.

Ludwig Desmet - studio5-5825

About the setup.
On the left, as far as possible behind the model, a studio flash with gridded reflector. Just next to the model, a softbox 1×1 meter (3×3 feet) just right and above the model’s back. I did this shoot in a somewhat larger studio space than mine. The advantage of having a larger studio is that there’s no problem in keeping the background really black.

Portfolio studio setup5

I hope you’ve learnt something,

see you soon,


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