Portfolio studio setup IV – Zanotta Onda

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I have this great designer lounge seat from Zanotta Onda, that I regularly use as a prop in studio, and then my model saw an image by Andreas Bitesnich she liked a lot. So we tried to work it out.
The setup is a bit more complicated, although only using two lights.


I have a studio flash to the right, not really high up (about 1.5 meters I guess – 5 feet) with a small softbox (60×60 cm 2ft square), aimed straight at the model.
I have another studio flash to the left, aimed at one of my magic styrofoam boards, white face. On the styroboard, I draped a mainly red cloth (I believe it was one of the children’s bed fleeces from disney) on which I aimed the the second flash.
(You might be able to see disney figures in the chrome tubings from the seat 😉 eeerhhh, actually no .. )
The indirect flash is at a higher power setting than the directly aimed softbox.
I’ve put another two styrofoam boards (see previous post here) just for fill light, aimed at the model (this bounces back a little light from the main softbox flash)
And that’s it. With the cloth on the left, you can easily add or remove from the red color cast, by moving more or less from the cloth in front of the flashlight.

Portfolio studio setup4

I liked the image a lot. I have used it on the cover of my book ‘Nude (In)cognito’, which is available trough the blurb bookstore.

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