The Mansion shoot prt III – the upper floor – NCSFW

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Just as promised, the final part of this shoot with Pauline.
After working our way trough the different rooms on ground level, we moved up one level. Time to retouch make-up and try some other different locations in the house.
Again in this post some mild nudity (beautiful for my taste) but pls don’t read further if you are offended by it. So this post is NCSFW (Not completely safe for work)
Pauline got her nose all dirty from rubbing against the white – well maybe not so white ? – curtains so we had to pass the bathroom for a quick clean-up. After that we did an improvised make up retouch and continued from there on.
For the people interested in the technical details: All images, except first one (24mm) taken with Canon 50mm f1.4 and Canon 85mm f 1.8 on 5D II. Minor changes to color and contrast have been made in Lightroom 4. The Sepia images have also been converted in LR 4.

Thank you for looking, hope you like the results. Thank you Pauline, for being my model.

Come back soon!


If you are interested in modeling for me, pls contact me trough my website

4 thoughts on “The Mansion shoot prt III – the upper floor – NCSFW

  1. This series and the two prior to it have made me a staunch fan of your very fine photography. They have all been well thought out and very tastefully crafted by both you and your subject. Bravo!

  2. Thank you dini. 🙂
    Thank you Cal, I remember you’ve commented on some of my shots before. This encourages me to continue my efforts in this particular field of photography. They are not really ‘planned shots’ but I guess it all comes to improvisation and seeing the right things at the right moment. I would like to thank my model explicitly for her very good cooperation on this shoot. Without her, I would have had no images. 😉

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