if you are into fashion design, shoe design or if you have any kind of shoe fetish, you absolutely need to see this museum collection. Without spending too much words about it, it contains the largest ethnographic collection of shoes in the world, next to a vast collection of designers’ shoes and artists’ shoes. More info on the opening times and location: www.shoesornoshoes.com

I visited the place several times now, and I’m especially fond of the architectural qualities of the building. The building is constructed as a combination of hexagon shaped rooms. The main floor exhibition rooms have special north faced windows that assure a neutral light in any kind of weather. Credits for the architecture: original building (1973) : Emile Veranneman and Arch. Christiaan Vander Plaetse. Redesign (2008): Lode Uytterschaut, Johan Ketele and Rutger Davidts.

Last visit was with my architectural photography class from KISP. I never can deny the urge to take some photographs myself, in between tuition and guidance. The main purpose of this excursion was to emphasize on the link between the building and the surrounding area. My personal selection:

Ludwig Desmet-KISP--2 Ludwig Desmet-KISP--3 Ludwig Desmet-KISP- Ludwig Desmet-KISP-3618 Ludwig Desmet-KISP-3627 Ludwig Desmet-KISP-3647

Images taken with Canon TS-E 24 mm f3.5 L II, except third image, taken with Canon EF 17-40 mm f 4.0 L. All on Canon 5D mark II.

Some images are HDR composites, some are stitched panoramic. (although they all are square :) )

Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to visit the place!

see you soon,


I could have called this post: In Flanders Fields, or even in Flanders Mud, … but let’s look on the bright side.

Just some snaps from a frisky but sunny sunday morning walk trough the ‘Flemish Ardennes’.  Oh, and I love square format more and more. These are not taken on film, just square cropped digital.

There’s something about the square format, for me the compositions are easier and more peaceful and ‘in balance’.  Please tell me if I’m talking rubbish, before I buy a 30.000 € digital medium format camera. :)

Bright light against the sun, keep the details in those highlights!!



IMG_3571 IMG_3573 IMG_3575 IMG_3577 IMG_3578


Come back again soon, I have some new pictures to show you with Pauline M. whom I worked with earlier here and here.

Happy shooting.


a couple of weeks ago my work got published as an exclusive feature on NIF Magazine.

NIF (Nude Is Fashion) Magazine is an online platform for promotion of the nude as a fashion statement. They do so by promoting art-nude and fashion nude photographers on their website.

I thought that ‘Tatjana at Sabine’s house’ was a series that fitted well this description.

look for yourself:

link here



Part two of this shoot with Sarah. In the living room of this nice house.
A grey and wet day, difficult light in this house with dark accents and furniture, and relatively small windows.
I look for windows for the available light to fall maximally on my model, but then you are in a backlight situation, which makes it always difficult to not overexpose the background/underexpose the foreground.
A further problem with this is that you have a cool color temp from the outside (6500 or so) and a warm 3000 degrees Kelvin temp on the inside. Luckily we are able now to locally brush in color temperature in Lightroom now.
Two of the images are taken with somewhat further away from the window, with only some available tungsten light.
Sarah has some kind of ‘tristesse’ in how she looks at the camera, I’m not sure she realizes this herself. Maybe she will if she reads this blog. ;)
She also has amazingly long and beautiful legs and a nice figure. She is rather used to posing, but she managed to still pose in some natural way.

Canon 100 mm f 2.8 L Macro IS and Sigma 50 mm f 1.4. I’m happy I have a stabilized lens for these occasions. The 100 mm Macro allows to stretch shutter speed up to 1/25 th of a second, with no visible camera shake.

thank you for watching,


Ludwig Desmet-SD-3093

Ludwig Desmet-SD-3542

Ludwig Desmet-SD-3046

Ludwig Desmet-SD-3058

Ludwig Desmet-SD-3511

Ludwig Desmet-SD-3071

Ludwig Desmet-SD-3080


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