A former classmate from photography classes is currently still following courses in a different institute, to further expand his photographic horizons.

He came with the question ‘if I could figure out how to make a Corinne Vionnet image’ …

Corinne Vionnet has created a series of works, assembling a massive amount of tourists images (1000) into one single image. The resulting image is some kind of a condensed, time-spanning  assembly of the tourist spot at hand.

I’ve tried to assemble similar style images with a limited number of beauty shots. These are the results.

Vionnet style 02 Vionnet style 01


I got interested in this technique, and I thought that I could make a ‘universal female portrait’, so I assembled 45 different images into one portrait. Image here under. Looks funny, but I liked the originals more.

This made me think about ‘Das Parfum’, the novel by Patrick Süskind, where the Jean Baptiste Grenouille tries to capture the essence of young women in a perfume, (he has to kill the women for his perfume) but instead of creating a perfume of youth, he became a monster.  Not that the below image looks like a monster, but it is not exactly a beauty either. :D A lot is due to the different angles in which the original faces are oriented in the image. I need to try with ‘straight facing’ portraits next time.

45 female portraits

I think I should experiment a little more with it, to see where I can get to with portrait work. Anyway, my friend was pleased with the results, and I have discovered something new. :)


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I’m generally very careful about the integrity and privacy of my models. Usually when I shoot artistic work with a model I contact, I have my models sign an image release contract. This enables me to be able to publish the images on my personal web and marketing platforms (such as this blog), exhibits and book publishing. Mostly they still get the possibility to refuse image X or Y from a selection, if they think they are not beneficial to their personal image. Also they have the option to be published under a different ‘model name’ than their real name.

For people contacting me for a shoot, things are a bit different, they pay me for my work, and although I automatically get the image rights for the pictures I take, I do not have the ‘right of publication’ of them, without explicit consent of the person in the portrait. This is not contract bound, but on an ‘allow or refuse’ free decision of the client.

I made a series of portraits of this lady here. If I asked here, would it be ok if I post an image of this series on my blog, she said ‘no problem, as long as it stays anonymous’.

So here she comes: ‘The mysterious lady from the Brussels region’

Canon 5D mark II, Sigma 50 mm f1.4 DG A, 1/80 s – f1.4 – ISO 400

ludwig desmet Mystery-4844

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I haven’t published a lot from this shoot, because some non-published images will be shown at my upcoming exhibit, and I want to keep a small surprise for my visitors there. you have seen ‘Cirrus’ here before.

At the very end of the shoot, I shot a roll of film on my Rolleiflex. 12 shots, I like this one the best.

shot on Rolleiflex 3.5, Kodak T-Max 400 film.

Shot at the site of ‘Shoes or No Shoes’, with permission.

ludwig desmet Pauline-SONS-Tmax-004

thank you for watching. Any comments welcome.


A small series from the same shoot I did with Marion.

The ZEN pool. Magnificent environment and great weather on this early morning.

This is the kind of things you cannot plan before. I hadn’t been at this place in about 10 years. There was no house at that time, and certainly not a pool, so this came kind of as a bonus with the planned old chalk oven on the same location.

Marion felt completely Zen after half an hour of sunbathing and being next to Buddha. :)

ludwig desmet Marion_ZEN-4337ludwig desmet Marion_ZEN-4579 ludwig desmet Marion_ZEN-4590 ludwig desmet Marion_ZEN-4628 ludwig desmet Marion_ZEN-4644

thank you for watching, …


Putting the final decisions together for the upcoming exhibit in Gavere.

I will present my work on the main stage, the selection has been made, the sizes have been decided, the stage setup has been decided.

Now the work  is in the hands of the print shop (Fifth in Ghent) and the frame makers (‘t Schilderken in Geraardsbergen).

Printed invitations will arrive soon, the models have been invited, some special guests too.

for your information, below I’ll add the opening hours (on the official event poster) and as a teaser a rendering of what the setup will look like – it’s blurred, I know. ;)

I sincerely hope to be able to meet some of my followers/enthusiasts in Gavere. If you plan a visit, give me a sign, I’ll try to be present as much as possible, but i won’t make it every day.

Gavere setup

gafodi fotosalon

I have recently found out that:

Concert laser shows, and other laser sources can, literally burn your DSLR sensor. The problem has not been very obvious for a long period of time, since we used to take only stills with DSLR’s for a long time, exposing the sensor for only a very short period of time. The shorter the exposure, the less chance there is that the laser beam hits the sensor at that very particular moment.

Now that DSLR’s are also capable of filming, the problem is appearing more frequently. While filming with your DSLR, the mirror of your camera is open, and the sensor exposed. Laser beams although often spreading over distance a little bit, are known for their very linear and small beam. This beam hitting the lens, then refocused on the sensor, can ruin your sensor at the very first hit.

there is a lot of documentation on the subject on the internet (search for ‘laser beam killing sensor’) but I think this single movie tells the whole story.


Someone filming with a Canon 5D mark II (a 2500$ camera) not aware of the possible damage that might occur. At the end of the song, his sensor is turned completely useless.

Beware if you care.


PS.: Share if you have other friends with digital gear, interested in picking up on a concert from time to time, … Same thing can happen to your video camera, and I suppose to your cellphone camera sensor too.

As I told in a previous post, a very cold day, cold wind, no sun … great light for a shoot.

A black coat, a set of nice lingerie and some sexy boots plus a very beautiful alley of trees as a background. That’s what we needed for this fine series of images. Hairdo: my wife Nathalie :)

Farmers went and came trough the alley, they must have wondered what we were doing there. I kept the car heating on, so Jenn could get warm in between different takes.

Taken with Canon 5D II and Canon 135 mm f2.0 (except second, with Canon 24 mm f1.4 L II), its been a while since I used this lens for a shoot, but it still is a nice piece of glass with great contrast and perfect sharpness wide open.

Jenn told me she didn’t look good in pictures, what do you think?

Ludwigdesmet_Jenn-4003 Ludwigdesmet_Jenn-4043 Ludwigdesmet_Jenn-4061
Ludwigdesmet_Jenn-4090 Ludwigdesmet_Jenn-4104


And a last image with Rolleiflex 3,5 Tessar 75 mm on Kodak T-max 400 film.


thanks for watching, come back again soon.



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