The mansion has 4 levels: a ground level that is fully restored, and fully equipped with furniture, curtains, beautiful light fixtures etc. A first level that looks like someone is currently moving in whilst doing a rebuild, with plaster on the walls, cables hanging from the ceilings, water pipes on the floor, just simple light bulbs protruding from above where the sink is supposed to be etc. … Another level that I call the attic, with dark rooms just below the roof. No plastering at all, you can directly see the roof structure and the shingles on the roof. There is also an underground level, which I haven’t used yet. Its cold, dark, dirty and damp. Nothing nice really, oh and it has doors with bars, maybe those might lead to something.

I love using the dirty textured walls as a background in contrast to my models. Sometimes my models get a little bit textured too, by standing against the walls, but mostly they don’t care. Lisa certainly didn’t care too much.

A jeans short and a loose tank top. Lisa needed nothing else.

All natural light, 24 mm (first one only), 50mm and 100 mm. Canon 5D II









thank you for looking, share me your thoughts and come back again for part III really soon.


Well, here they come. Lisa is a dancer, and she can’t keep from moving and being graceful and elegant. She’s also very well trained, and her body shows. The attic is dark, and cold and deserted, but it has window light that plays well with the curves and contours of a beautiful body. This is the first half hour of the shoot, and we still had to get ‘warmed up’, …

I feel it helps getting my models comfortable and at ease when my wife spends some time getting their hair done. They feel less vulnerable and helpless, knowing there is a third person involved and also I believe they feel less threat knowing that I have a relationship that works well etc. … Lisa at least felt at ease from the start of the shoot.








images taken with 24mm (first one only) 50mm and 100mm

come back again soon.


A single image to get you all warmed up for the next few posts. Lisa at the Mansion. We met trough Facebook, we have tried to fix a date for a shoot on several occasions in the last two years, and then finally, at the end of august, Lisa came to Ronse for a beauty shoot. She did absolutely wonderful, I can’t wait to show you the results. The image below has received a 97.4 score by the audience, and there’s a lot more images that have the same amount of tenderness, beauty and sensuality. Come back again really soon, and enjoy the rest of this wonderful afternoon photo session. Lisa told me when she saw the pictures: ‘amazing, that with so little equipment, you can produce this kind of result’. A great compliment for my available light photography, and another proof that you don’t need a ton of gear to produce beautiful images.

Image taken with the Sigma 50mm f1.4 DG Art 1/80 – f2.0 – ISO200

Another series at the Mansion. Juliette had seen my images on modelmayhem (I have a free account there, so my portfolio is limited to 15 images) and contacted me for a shoot early summer. It took a while before we could arrange a date. Juliette, like most of my models, had to travel quite some distance to get here. Worthwhile? Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself. Juliette happy, me happy, … Thanks again to Nathalie for the hairdo, thank you to the owners of the Mansion, still granting me access to it whenever I want to shoot. Thank you Juliette for your patience and trust.











All images except the last one available light only, Canon 5D II and Canon 100mm f2.8 IS Macro L/Sigma 50mm f1.4 DG Art.
Last image with additional Canon Speedlite 580EX II flash.
Thank you for watching, hope to see you again soon.

I had the chance to finish these summer holidays with a 4 day leisure weekend in Paris, together with my wife.
We normally carry our bikes on this kind of city trip, and this time it was no different. We remembered well from 7 years ago that biking trough Paris was ok, except for the weather (last time we did it it rained four consecutive days).
We had better luck this time, with four sunny days, only a bit of rain one evening.
We had no special plans for this holiday, except seeing Paris not the tourist way, but just enjoying what we get to see, and trying different routes than the Champs-Elysees or visiting the Eiffel tower. So we just rode our bikes trough the city, with no particular plan.

We enjoyed the calm of the Père-Lachaise Cimetary and the charming buzz in the Rue Saint-André des Arts, we went to Bois de Boulogne, came back trough La Défense business centre, had some really nice food just down the hill of Sacré-Cœur, enjoyed seeing the ships go trough the Canal Saint-Martin, the small streets of Le Marais and the marketplace on Boulevard Richard Lenoir.
Enjoy the images, I hope you can feel some of the atmosphere in these places shine trough.

For those interested, all images taken with the Sigma 50 mm 1.4 DG, on my Canon 5D mark II.
















thank you for watching, come again soon.

I’ve spoken about this shoot in an earlier post (in which I talked about the pro’s and con’s on film photography vs. digital).
But I yet have to show the digital images of this shoot with Kimberly. We fixed a date only a couple of days after she became 18. I generally don’t work with people under 18 because I don’t want any discussions with mad parents, or I do not want the hassle of somebody else having to sign the release contract I work with, and I don’t want to picture any nudity of a model under 18 (at least).
Anyway, here are the pictures, I don’t believe Kimberly posed in a shoot before, and she did really well, I think she has a very cute face.
I hope you like them. All natural light, at one of my favorite locations, The Mansion.
Hair was done by Nathalie, my wife. She’s joining in regularly for a hairdo lately.









thank you for watching. Come again soon.
Ludwig – Ronse – Belgium

A new model, a new location.
House Adelaide, a luxury holiday house in Ronse. Click here for more info. Including jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen, Sauna, a private bar and cinema, and a lot more luxury for the guests to enjoy.

And my model Soukira, who had been following my work for a while, and then when she had the opportunity, volunteered willingly for this shoot.
Enjoy the images and experience how a dull and windy afternoon turns out not so bad after all.
All images with natural light only (and some bulbs here and there). Thank you to Soukira, for the patience and trust, and a big thank you to the owners of the house for granting me access.










Thank you for watching, …

Ludwig – Ronse – Belgium


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